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About Us

Suburban Cardiology was founded in 1998 by Friedrich Albrecht, MD, FACC. The goal of our office is to provide conscientious customer service to you, our patients, realizing that your time is valuable.


Friedrich Albrecht, MD, FACC


Judy Joy-Pardi, MD, FACC


Jill Bevilacqua-NP

Our Services

New patient consultation- Evaulation for cardiovascular risk and establish plan of care. (may involve diagnostic testing)

Follow Up- Use findingsof initial consult and on going testing to establish continued treatment and lifestyle modification.

EKG- recorded eletrical conduction through the heart. Common and effeftive test that may identify abnormalities leading to detection of some heart disease. 

Exercise Stress Test- Test shows how person's heart responds to physical stress. test is administered to:

-Evaluate for possible causes of chest pain

-Evaluate for blockages in the heart

-Establish appropriate exercise program

Exercise/Pharmacologic Nuclear Stress Test- Diagnostic test determines how heart is functioning and if heart is receiving adequate blood supply. A radioactive IV tracer is injected and a special camera takes pictures of your heart. The stress portion is performed using a treadmill or medication is injected. A second radioactive tracer is again injected during the exercise portion  to take a second set of pictures. All stress testing is performed with continues EKG monitoring. 

Echocardiogram(ultrasound)- Test uses sound waves, to image your heart's motion, structureand  size. Test can

- Evaluate hearts pumping ability

-Evaluate for structural abnormalities

-Evaluate for congenital defects

-Evaluate for excessive fluid build up in the heart

-Evaluate for heart murmurs

Holter Monitor- Small battery operated device that records heart rhythm for 24 hours.

Event Monitor-  Small battery operated device that allows you to manually record an EKG. May be worn for 2 or more weeks

Stress Echo- Test uses ultrasound to image your heart then you will walk on a treadmill while receiving continous EKG monitoring. Additional ultrasound pictures will be taken after you finish treadmill portion of test. Able to compare images of heart before and after exercise to identify changes in heart.